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The Residential Contract: Issues, Disputes, and Solutions

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The contracts used in your state are unique to jurisdictional laws, administrative rules, MLS dictates and guidance from the state REALTOR® Association hotline attorneys. There is no all-inclusive common law listing or purchase and sale contract that will apply to all residential transactions in all jurisdictions.

This course contains things that you’ve known and perhaps forgotten or put aside in your haste to make a transaction. There are also surprises tucked into the mix – practicalities including case law examples shared for illustration.

Herein you will learn of the most common items addressed in the residential contract along with suggestions for effectively working with them and identifying red flags in both the listing and the purchase and sale agreement. Unit two will bring you up to speed on assisting and advising your clients in their due diligence during the inspection period.  In Unit three you will review all aspects of the transaction financing process from prequalification to contingencies.  Title, escrow and earnest money are the topics of Unit four. We will wrap up the course with Unit five covering the cure period and the nuts and bolts of making the deal happen, to include some of the large variety of contract clauses that might be in your transaction.